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|| 9 to 5 the time of your life S4

The most beautiful job in the world ?

Portrait Lola

By Lola Bertet

Alice and Éléa dreamed of becoming teachers, of participating in the education of the youngest members of our society, of doing "the most beautiful job in the world". A dream that turns into a nightmare in their first year as teachers. Isolation, burn-out, and even resignation... They tell their ordeal.


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Portrait Lola
Lola Bertet
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Born in Paris in 1993, Lola developed a passion for stories early on. After her studies in theatre focused on dramaturgy, she discovered the world of podcasts. She launched her first one in 2016, titled "Dans la Loge" ["Backstage"], a series of interviews with female performers. She received training at Radio Campus Paris, Longueurs d'Ondes before going back to university to complete a master's degree in Journalism. In 2020, she self-produced a podcast called "Déplacement(s)" ["Shifting"]: life trajectories turned upside down consequently to the Covid-19 crisis.