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Abe Schwartz
Abe Schwartz is an author and director living in Los Angeles.
Adam Cutforth
Adam Cutforth

Adam Cutforth is a kiwi, lost in France for almost two decades. A lover of words, literature, culture and music, he has worked in law, communication, and learning. Compulsively curious, his favourite word: community.

Alexandre Berteau

Born in Le Mans, Alexandre, 24, is a graduate from the CELSA Journalism school and had worked for Le Monde, Le Figaro, or Le Dauphine Libéré in Grenoble.

Alexia Sena

Alexia Sena lives in Paris, she is French by desire and Cameroonian by heritage. She created in 2020 Joyeux Bazar, a podcast that questions and explores the multicultural experience. Alexia enjoys writing, coloring, and red wine.

Aïta Nebour

Born in the south of France, Aïta Nebbour lives in Paris. As a traveller, she finds her inspiration in her encounters and in public life. "Issam, gravedigger against is will" is her first published text.

Bilguissa Diallo

Journalist and author of three books, I share my time between the cosmetics company I created and my editorial activities. The themes related to identity and exile paths cross all my projects.

Portrait Blanche
Blanche Vathonne

Born in Paris, Blanche Vathonne is 25 years old and is a journalist. She is a graduate of the CELSA School of Journalism (Paris-Sorbonne). She has worked for Business Insider France, Loopsider and currently works for Hugo Décrypte.

Camille Bichler

Camille Bichler is a journalist and podcast producer for Paradiso. She works on the development of audio formats for the media outlet Brut broadcast on Spotify. Graduated of the CELSA school of journalism in 2019, she worked for two years in the digital department and editorial office of France Culture. In January 2021, she won a podcast contest organized by the platform Deezer, which allowed her to produce the podcast "La Fabrique de l'intelligence".

Claudio Antonio Quiroga Broggi

Claudia Antonio Quiroga Broggi was born and grew up in Villa Mercedes, in the province of San Luis in Argentina. He has a degree in Engineering and Electronics and has pursued a career in those fields.

Ten of his sonnets are at the Museum of Poetry of Carolina in San Luis and two of his stories were published by the "San Luis Libro Program". He is about to publish a historical novel which will be available in Argentina.

Coline Houssais

Passionate about the Arab world, I like writing (true) stories about Arab cultures and societies, constantly exploring new forms of expressions to reach different audiences. My work mainly focuses on the human and familiar sides of History, in an attempt to build collusions over differences.
"Musiques du monde Arabe" (Le Mot Et Le Reste) to be published on the 30th of June 2020.

Portrait Deborah
Deborah Adoh

I am a journalist specialized in sports. I graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille and I deal with all kinds of subjects. I like to highlight those who are not given enough space to speak: from disabled athletes to women scientists. Curious by nature, I like to discover new worlds and change my view of the world through meetings and reports.

Diego López de Gomara

Diego López de Gomara est né à Buenos Aires. Il est psychiatre et psychanalyste. Il a publié, entre autres, les romans Patria paria (Grupo editor latinoamericano) et La mujer escrita (Grupo editor latinoamericano).

Portrait Domitille Lehman
Domitille Lehman

Born in Paris, Domitille Lehman is a journalist, graduated from the CELSA school of journalism (Paris-Sorbonne). After having worked for various media, she joined the editorial staff of Le Figaro in 2020.

Emily Headshots
Emily Ochoa

Emily is a London-based author. She is currently Chief of Staff at Eigen Technologies, a startup focused on machine learning software.
Originally from Boise, Idaho, Emily has worked in the United States, the United Kingdom and France. She holds degrees in biology and English from Stanford University and a Master's degree in English from Oxford University. Her writings have been published in the journal The American Scholar.


Eva Tapiero
Eva Tapiero

With an Algerian and Moroccan Jewish origins' father and a French mother, Eva is very attached to both her native Limousin and North Africa. She is a journalist, author and director. Her work focuses on Jewish and Arab-Muslim cultures from here and elsewhere, exile and immigration, revolts, identity, love, intra-family violence, women and childhood.

Florian Dacheux
Florian Dacheux

Thirty years old and based in the suburbs of Paris, I've been been navigating in the world of media since 2005. From the basics of the profession learned in the regional daily press in Avignon, I've worked as a correspondent in Barcelona, freelancing from Bangui and digital publishing in various Parisian editorial offices. Freelance since 2015 as a reporter and writer for the mag and digital press, I work on different types of society topics. I also lead writing workshops and practice photography. Fan of football, wine & cheese and cappella texts.

Portrait Hajar
Hajar Chokairi

Hajar is a young Franco-Moroccan writer and consultant active in cultural entrepreneurship and civic technologies. Hajar developed the magazine and cultural agency www.onorient.com after having contributed to it as a writer.

Helen Özbay

Il y a une demi-vie, Helen s'est installée en Turquie. Trouvant du travail comme professeure de langue et de littérature, elle a développé sa fascination pour le style, la structure et l'histoire. Aujourd'hui, en tant qu'éditrice de contenu pour un éditeur de manuels scolaires, elle cible les structures grammaticales et le vocabulaire des apprenants en langues. Dans ses propres écrits, cependant, elle cherche à comprendre les incidents inattendus et les personnes qui les vivent.

Hélène Corbie

Daughter of peasants, I held my first camera at the age of 12 to tell the world in pictures. My favourite subjects: agriculture, ecology, resource management, territorial inequalities... As a versatile journalist, I am a photojournalist, editor, presenter and editor if necessary, after several experiences in the news in France and in foreign offices. Co-director of "Maman, j'ai raté l'actu !", a podcast for 8-12 year olds, I lead media education workshops.

Javier Toscano

Javier Toscano is a filmmaker, visual artist and writer. His work has involved a continuous quest to generate and collaborate with minorities, groups with disabilities and other communities towards the production of alternative narratives of self-affirmation and vital exploration. He was a founding member of Laboratorio 060 with which he won the first prize of the Best Art Practices Award (Bolzano, Italy, 2008)
More information on javiertoscano.net

Jean-Baptiste Phou
Jean-Baptiste Phou

Jean-Baptiste Phou was born in France of Sino-Cambodian parents. He is an author, director, actor and chief in cultural project. His first play "Cambodge, me voici!" is published by Asiathèque in 2017

Katharine Smyth
Katharine Smyth

Katharine Smyth is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her essays and articles have appeared The Paris Review, Elle, The New York Times, Literary Hub, The Point, DuJour, Poets & Writers and Dominoamong other publications. Her first book, All the Lives We Ever Lived: Seeking Solace in Virginia Woolf, was published by Crown in 2019 and named a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice.

Credit Photo: Frances F. Denny.

Portrait Laetitia Lienhard
Laetitia Lienhard

From Montpellier, Laëtitia Lienhard is a graduate of Audencia Nantes business school and holds a master's degree in journalism from CELSA (Paris-Sorbonne). Specialized in economic journalism, she joined the editorial staff of Le Figaro after several experiences for Les Echos and FrenchWeb.

Portrait Laure Delacloche
Laure Delacloche

Arriving in Lebanon in 2011 almost by accident, my mind has never left since. I like to dissect the complexity of this country and then tell it through human stories. I am a freelance journalist and I write on subjects other than Lebanon, such as public policy and disability.

Portrait Lola
Lola Bertet

Née en 1993 à Paris, Lola se passionne très jeune pour les histoires. Après des études théâtrales centrées sur la dramaturgie, elle découvre l'univers du podcast. Elle se lance en 2016 avec « Dans la Loge », une série d’entretiens avec des femmes artistes de scène. Elle se forme auprès de Radio Campus Paris, Longueur d'Ondes et retourne sur les bancs de l'université pour valider un Master 2 de journalisme. En 2020, elle a auto-produit le podcast « Déplacement(s) » qui donne à entendre des parcours de vie chamboulés par la crise du Covid.

Loïc Barrière
Loïc Barrière

Loïc Barrière published five novel, among which Rizières sous la lune (Vents d'Ailleurs, 2016), Le roman d'Abd-el-Kader (Les Points sur les I, 2016) and Le Choeur des enfants khmers (Seuil, 2008). He is also a journalist at Radio Orient where he hosts literary and political programs.

Marc Cheb Sun

Marc Cheb Sun is self-taught. Founder of the media Dailleursetdici.news, creator of theatrical performances, he lives in Paris where he leads writing workshops with young people. He published his first novel "Et je veux le monde" (And I want the world) by JC Lattès in March 2020.

Photo credit : homardpayette

Marine Samzun

As a multimedia journalist, I am eager to meet people in the field in order to highlight inspiring initiatives in the world of ecology and solidarity. Texts, podcasts or videos: I like to vary the way I treat my subjects in order to raise the reader's awareness, surprise and question him.

Maud Serpin

Maud est la co-fondatrice du cabinet Curiouser, qui accompagne depuis 12 ans les organisations dans leur transformation numérique et culturelle. Diplômée de Sciences Po Paris et d'un DEA en théorie politique, elle est spécialisée depuis 2005 dans les études et l'accompagnement au changement, avec une forte expertise sur le collaboratif et les nouvelles façons de travailler.

Maylis Saleh
Maylis Saleh

I was born in Paris in 1997. At a very young age, I became passionate about a number of pop culture icons and musicals. One day I incidentally came across literature and since, have been obsessed with Jean Genet.

Moussa Diop

Graduated from the French Press Institute in Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, Moussa DIOP was, for about ten years, correspondent for the Senegalese daily Le Soleil in Paris. Former member of Le Monde and RFI, he also holds a degree in History and in the Image of Africa in French textbooks.

Portrait Mélanie
Mélanie Barbotin

Freelance journalist, graduated from ESJ Lille, I work for the written press, radio and the web. I've worked for Radio France and Ouest-France. I'm always equipped with my camera, microphone and pen, looking for stories.

Rizlaine Sellika

Rizlaine Sellika is a journalist, she works with major news agencies such as Tony Comiti, Eléphant & Cie, Spica Productions ... Reporter/director, she makes reports for M6, RMC STORY, RFI, Nova. Passionate about culture, Rizlaine is committed to highlighting diversity, underground culture & world music as a host on Demain TV & MCE and as a columnist on RFI, Sud Radio. She is also co-author of the web documentary "Césaire notre contemporain" broadcasted on France Télévisions platform.

Portrait Ryad Maouche
Ryad Maouche

Born in the Paris suburbs, Ryad Maouche is 26 years old and has a master's degree in journalism from CELSA (Paris-Sorbonne). In 2020, he co-founded the media company Frictions.

Sergio Montanino

Sergio Montanino is Italian, with the head in Rome and the heart in Spain. Theatre and travels are his biggest passions. He believes that creating stories help the people to free themselves from the grey cage of reality and realism.


Sofia González Bonorino

Sofia González Bonorino is an argantinian writer. Her last novel: Mi cliente (Editores Argentinos, 2015).

Tati Bernardi

Tati Bernardi lives in Sao Paulo. She is a writer, screenwriter and columnist, notably for the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. Her latest book published: "Você nunca mais vai ficar sozinha" (Companhia das Letras, 2020).

Vanessa Giraud

Born in the United Kingdom and a long time resident of Turkey, Vanessa divides her time between her two "homes". As an international teacher and educator, Vanessa's life has been enriched by encounters with children and adults from very different backgrounds. For the past three years, she has focused her career on freelance online health-related writing. She loves the freedom of being able to work from anywhere.


Vivian Lofiego

Vivian Lofiego is a Franco-Argentinian writer and translator. She lives in Buenos Aires. Latest publications: Le Sang des papillons. Ed. JCLattès (novel). La Vie secrète. Os de seiche (poetry). Denis Salas' Albert Camus : la juste révolte. Ed. Jusbaires (translation).

Walid Kachour
Walid Kachour

Born in the town of Kylian Mbappé with the initials of Kanye West, fate made me a soccer and hip-hop fan since I was a child. But I still dribble my comfort zone to be interested in all subjects involving deep human stories. In short, a simple journalist from French Banlieue, chameleon on the edges, just as comfortable in a stadium, a concert pit or at the table of a restaurant. With emotion as his only fuel.