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Portrait Ryad Maouche

By Ryad Maouche and Walid Hajar Rachedi

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When Emily, a 39-year-old Parisian woman, learns of the onset of confinement, she has only one concern: how will her last two months of pregnancy go?


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Portrait Ryad Maouche
Ryad Maouche
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Born in the Paris suburbs, Ryad Maouche is 27 years old and has a master's degree in Journalism from CELSA (Paris-Sorbonne). In 2020, he co-founded the media company Frictions.

Walid Hajar Rachedi
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Co-Founder of Frictions and Director of Publication. I'm an author and a digital expert. And an incurable globetrotter. I've lived in several foreign cities. I speak five languages. And the greatest gift I can be given is to be told a good story.