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|| Race is the darkest fiction

Guinea, United States, France: the three lives of Abdel Camara

By Ryad Maouche and Alexia Sena

Born in Guinea, studied in United States, moved in France. Abdel is at the same time, Guinean, American, soon and maybe French, and also, muslim. So he knows a lot about what it means to "be black" in this world.

Why two podcasts ?

You understood, in this episode, you have two podcasts.

The first is the testimony of Abdel Camara. Forty-five minutes during which he takes the time to tell his story, which began more than 30 years ago in Guinea, continued in the United States and is now taking place in France.

In the second podcast, it is this time Maboula Soumahoro who has time to express herself. Maboula Soumahoro is a doctor in civilizations of the English-speaking world, a specialist in African-American studies and the black diaspora. We listened with her to Abdel's testimony. Personal accounts and a discourse analysis that gives a fascinating and enlightening interview.

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About the author

Ryad Maouche
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Born in the Paris suburbs, Ryad Maouche is 26 years old and has a master's degree in journalism from CELSA (Paris-Sorbonne). In 2020, he co-founded the media company Frictions.

Alexia Sena
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Alexia Sena lives in Paris, she is French by desire and Cameroonian by heritage. She created in 2020 Joyeux Bazar, a podcast that questions and explores the multicultural experience. Alexia enjoys writing, coloring, and red wine.