Alexandre Berteau

Born in Le Mans, Alexandre, 24, is a graduate from the CELSA Journalism school and had worked for Le MondeLe Figaro, or Le Dauphine Libéré in Grenoble.

2 episodes

First Person 10 min.

"Bullshit Jobs" : The Millenial Blues 1/2

Paul is 21, he is a recent graduate from a major business school and currently doing an internship in a consulting firm. What should be the beginning of a great carrier leads him to a disappointing end : a bullshit job.

First Person 19 min.

"Bullshit Jobs" : the Millennial blues - 2/2

The Covid-19 crisis suspended time in 2020, shedding light on the workers who are essential for society and questioning the relevance of many modern-day jobs.