First Person

All the languages I speak belong to me

Diadié is often asked if, in the near future, he plans to write entire novels in Soninke or Bambara. A question that puzzles him. And what if French was not just a language of writing after all?



Non fiction 14 min.

Jetlagged love

Pamela travels to Ecuador to be reunited with the man she loves. But after long days alone, her image becomes increasingly blurred.

Fiction 15 min.

The Fly Trap

Claire is seeing Nicolas, an elegant, witty, enigmatic young man. But for a while, Nicolas has been obsessed with insects that invade his apartment. She observes this from a distance, used to his eccentricities. But for Nicolas, it becomes an obsession: he must exterminate these gnats! Claire sees the man she loves fall into madness, without being able to do anything.

Non fiction 9 min.

Attraction is always political

In Lebanon, a country in full collapse, it is impossible to have a romantic encounter without politics interfering in the relationship.

First Person 19 min.

Guinea, United States, France: the three lives of Abdel Camara

He was born in Guinea, studied in the United States, moved to France. Abdel is at the same time, Guinean, American, maybe soon French, and also, muslim. So he knows a lot about what it means to “be black” in this world.

Non fiction 12 min.

What Is the Opposite of Marriage ?

Having witnessed her parents’ divorce, Joy has long abhorred the idea of marriage. However, today, it is her own that she is about to marry…


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