Who are we ?


Frictions explores the major social issues that make the news and our conversations.

The idea is simple : start from a story told at human level, intimate, personal, local to go towards the global, the societal, the political.
To tell these stories, Frictions relies ont the pens and voices of journalists and authors with diverse and sometimes divergent voices.


Walid Hajar Rachedi, Publication Director and Ryad Maouche, Chief Editor. Two siblings.  Writer and seasoned digital professional for one, and a journalist specialized in new formats for the other, they share a common taste for stories. Whether real or fictional, these stories allow connecting to worlds distant from one’s own, providing a better understanding, from the inside, of the reality of our societies. Neither hollow storytelling nor a chase for attention, Walid and Ryad are convinced that the possibilities offered by digital tools multiply the ways these stories can be told and the audiences they can reach. To refresh common narratives.


Frictions is about journalists, writers and podcast producers, based in France and abroad, with unique background like the stories they tell us. Find their profiles here.