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26 episodes

All Identities Combined
First Person 19 min.

Guinea, United States, France: the three lives of Abdel Camara

He was born in Guinea, studied in the United States, moved to France. Abdel is at the same time, Guinean, American, maybe soon French, and also, muslim. So he knows a lot about what it means to "be black" in this world.

Non fiction 15 min.

The Color of Desire

Whether we met at a bar or via the soon-to-be-outdated Minitel one sentence was recurrent: “Sorry, I am not into Asians”. That's all I was to these people: “Asian” and apparently, this placed me on the bottom rung of the desirability ladder.

9 to 5 The Time Of Your Life
Long read 11 min.

Myriam, the sound of her soul

Like every morning, Myriam, 64, goes to the factory where she has been working for almost 30 years. A job where noise is constant. A painful symphony that follows the workers in their daily lives.

First Person 35 min.

From the war in Syria to the protests in Paris : Itineraries of Syrian photojournalists

At the age of 17, they took their first photographs of the massacres in Syria. Abdul and Ameer grew up and learned their profession far too quickly.

Truth in Fiction
Fiction 13 min.

Dante's second circle of hell

Miriam died. At least she knows that for sure. She has been in an accident while driving with someone. Someone... Yes, but who?

Fiction 15 min.

The Fly Trap

Claire is seeing Nicolas, an elegant, witty, enigmatic young man. But for a while, Nicolas has been obsessed with insects that invade his apartment. She observes this from a distance, used to his eccentricities. But for Nicolas, it becomes an obsession: he must exterminate these gnats! Claire sees the man she loves fall into madness, without being able to do anything.

*Mini series / Fiction 40 min.


3 countries. 3 plagues. 3 destinies. The same struggle to live.

Group Therapy
First Person 17 min.

Everything Became Clear

One day, in his couch, watching the film Les Chatouilles (Little Tickles), Constant remembers the incest he was subjected to as a child.

A Studio On The Atlantic

Memory-City, Living-Memory

Justin wasn't born in Paris, but he feels right at home here. Blame it on the memories he's created there, perhaps?

Non fiction 13 min.

A word for that

Caelainn takes us on a lyrical journey through language and landscape, tracing her ancestral roots in Ireland.


Rising up, breaking away

When science fiction meets reality: four passengers are interviewed just before taking the plunge into the unknown, leaving for another planet. A new departure that questions their attachment to this planet. What can they expect from this great escape?


Jai Alai:The Joyful Game

Nicolas, proud of his Basque heritage, explores his identity quest through rock, meals at his abuela's, and political analysis.

Non fiction 14 min.

Ingredients for belonging

From the rooftops of Kathmandu to the cornfields of the Midwest, Sarah and Wyatt explore what our food says about us.

Non fiction 21 min.

Difficult images

Connie and Aaron find belonging in their ugliness. This audio essay is an interwoven exploration of the rejections they have faced as ugly disabled bodies and the refuge they’ve created.


Alphabet of Ch-arabia

Despite the linguistic distance between Lina and her father, who was born in Morocco, the lullaby he used to sing to her as a child in Arabic profoundly influenced her imagination and writing. It served as a foundation for crafting her own language, that of the "bastard children."


Love for Real

At the coming of age, Ivan sees his best friend drift away and makes a promise to himself: save the friendship!

Non fiction 14 min.

Kiruv: Exploring The Art of Welcoming

Why is it that entering an unknown space can feel like coming home or trying to sit at the cruelest and most fashionable table in a high school cafeteria?


The clippings

Céline finds memories of the Algerian war in her family's basement, confronting a long-concealed past.

First Person 14 min. E12

Elpida Kokkota, “a survival kit to educate yourself”

Elpida describes herself as someone who carries a “scar”, but she refuses that this traumatic experience defines her.

First Person 18 min. E11

Mary-Justine Todd, “resilience comes with the ability to regain hope”

After an inspiring encounter at the hospital, Mary-Justine launched Shamsaha to help women victims of violence in the Middle East.

First Person 18 min. E10

Joséphine Goube, “treat everyone on their merits, not where they are from”

After a stay in the UK, Joséphine Goube created Sistech to help refugee women enter the European job market.

First Person 18 min. E9

Jimena Garcia Cabello, “outside, no one talks about them”

Jimena, dedicated to fighting injustice in Mexico, helps women in prison to develop their skills and maintain family ties.

First Person 19 min. E8

 Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, “elevate young girls with education."

Ex-model, Noëlla founded Malaika, an organization in DRC to help girls become the leaders of tomorrow.

First Person 19 min. E7

Sadaffe Abid, “Investing in women is critical”

In Pakistan, Sadaffe founded Circle of Women, an association focused on empowering women through digital literacy.