Clarisse Gorokhoff

Clarisse Gorokhoff is a writer. She has been studying philosophy since she was born in September 1989 in Paris. She is less interested in degrees than in travelling - which is not to say that she hasn't forced herself to get them. She likes painting emaciated faces in watercolours and talking to trees (she's not the only one). She lives between a cute place where a famous painter committed suicide and monster cities where little-known poets try to survive.

1 episode

Non fiction 8 min.

This volcano I've known since birth

She is the little sister, the younger daughter, the little princess. The one people like to pamper and spoil. For Clarisse, her little sister represents violence. The one who, one day, started to make threats, to frighten. When she talks about her, it is often to say that "she is crazy". Yet, officially, she is not.