Hajar Chokairi Azell

Hajar Chokairi Azell lives between Paris and Rabat. From one great divide to another, she has reconciled her studies in philosophy and management by developing the magazine www.onorient.com, which celebrates the creative momentum of North Africa and the Middle East. In 2021, she has turned her obsessions into a profession: novelist. L'envers de l'été, her first novel, was published by Éditions Gallimard. Le sens de la fuite, her second novel, will be published in 2025, inchallah.

2 episodes

First Person 46 min.

Algeria, Morocco: Once upon a Hirak

The two neighboring countries of the Maghreb have each experienced their ownHirak (movement in Arabic) in recent years: in 2016 for Morocco and in 2019 for Algeria. Two women and a man tell their experience of this movement, from doubt to combat, through all their hopes.

Long read 9 min.

At the Roots of the Arab Spring: How Is a Revolution Told?

Ten years ago, the Arab Spring was born, sweeping many leaders with it. But who kept it alive for 10 years? And how?