Moussa Diop

Graduated from the French Press Institute in Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, Moussa DIOP was, for about ten years, correspondent for the Senegalese daily newspaper Le Soleil in Paris. Former member of Le Monde and RFI, he also holds a degree in History and in the Image of Africa in French textbooks.

2 episodes

Long read 11 min.

Senegal : Covid-19, the virus infecting the casual job sector

In Dakar, the precarious status of small shops and entrepreneurs is severely strained by the virus-induced psychosis.

Long read 9 min.

The Legacy of Colonization: Black Lives Matter revives the controversy in Saint-Louis, Senegal

Deux visions de l’histoire s’affrontent dès le milieu du 19eme siècle. Saint-Louis ou Ndar, est le théâtre d’une rivalité sur la mémoire liée à la colonisation.