A language is said to die when it stops evolving. Is it the same for a society? A country? A continent? If so, take heart: our era is alive and well! Demonstrations, uprising, collective upheavals, individual awareness, changing mores... The movement is constant, difficult to capture, and, at times, terrifying. Far from fantasies, we tell the intimate story of these upheavals.

24 episodes

After The Revolution, Now What?

Non fiction 9 min.

Riding Afrobeats Across The World

When foreign friends introduce him to the music "back home", TJ Benson seeks to understand how this local music has become global

Long read 6 min.

Abortion in Poland: a solidarity chain against repression

It is not easy to get an abortion in Poland, but it is made easier by Natalia, Katarzyna, Gosia, and Justyna, all of whom contribute to fighting repression in their own way.

Non fiction 11 min.

Venezuela: diary of a sacrificed generation

En 1998, au Vénézuela, la révolution bolivarienne prend le pouvoir et porte en elle le rêve d’une démocratie populaire et participative. Un quart de siècle plus tard, Pamela, une jeune écrivaine de Caracas, fait le récit intime et collectif de cet avenir jamais advenu.

Long read 8 min.

#balancetonbar: after uproar, ear piercing silence

#balancetonbar: a hashtag that recently emerged to denounce the GHB attacks that have multiplied in bars and nightclubs, from Brussels to Marseille.

Long read 8 min.

Bloody Sunday’s Wounds Are Still Bleeding

50 years on, the tragedy of Bloody Sunday still haunts the memories of the people of Derry.

Non fiction 8 min.

India: Yoga: A Force of Division

Since the arrival of Narendra Modi, signs of the Muslim community's ostracism have multiplied. The witch hunt in Bollywood is the latest episode.