A language is said to die when it stops evolving. Is it the same for a society? A country? A continent? If so, take heart: our era is alive and well! Demonstrations, uprising, collective upheavals, individual awareness, changing mores... The movement is constant, difficult to capture, and, at times, terrifying. Far from fantasies, we tell the intimate story of these upheavals.

24 episodes

After The Revolution, Now What?

Long read 9 min.

French youth leans towards the (far-)right

They are in their twenties, conservative, and in this election year, they are not just voting for a candidate, but to "save France".

Long read 7 min.

Après M : No Really, Come as You Are

In the northern districts of Marseille, a former McDonald's was taken over by a hundred volunteers to become a "fast social food" ....

Long read 10 min.

In Search of the Soul of Bristol

In his bedroom as a teenager in Paris, Karim dreams of Bristol, the city of the legendary rock group Massive Attack, symbol of this rebellious spirit. But what he finds there is quite different...

Non fiction 12 min.

The Incident of the Fake Smiles of S-21

The story could have ended with this Vice article. But the mobilization of an online community made it different.

Long read 12 min.

The Revolution Was Televised (but we all thought it was the weather channel)

Kashef was a leader of the revolution in Egypt in 2011. 10 years later, he looks back on this movement from Berlin where he is exiled.

Long read 8 min.

Life in Bankrupt Lebanon

To fill the fridge serenely, withdraw cash at the ATM ; all trivial things that aren’t taken for granted anymore in Fadia’s family.