Raconter le monde par l'intime


Frictions is a digital media whose ambition is to tell the world as it is today looking at big societal issues through the lens of intimate stories. Journalism reports, long reads, non fiction and fiction papers as well as podcasts written and produced all over the world are published each month.

Why "Frictions" ?

The year 2000 was yesterday, a long time ago.

A moment of optimism.

The combined triumph of democracy and of the world market, boosted by the prevalence of the Internet and low-cost flights, was supposed to bring forth the reign of a frictionless and endless globalization. For everyone. Everywhere.

One happy global village.

Twenty years later, the utopia of happy globalization has come and gone. Distrust of the institutions, resentment toward the cynicism of the free movement "winners", fear of the air we breathe and the junk food we eat that might be toxic, fear of that other who wishes to impose on us their identity…

Social media platforms have become the echo chamber to this clash of tales.

Ironically, if the world has become polarized, the conversation has become global. 

Feminism, ecology, class conflict, identities, elections, new technologies… are central topics that concern us all but that we view and experience differently whether we live in Paris, Shanghai or Rio.

Concerns converge, perceptions diverge: hence the point of friction.

Our ambition is to echo this friction, that we perceive as fertile, beyond a binary worldview, relying on the power of digital tools, and through the voices of journalists and authors from all over the world, whose words may cut across cultural and linguistic barriers.

Yos, but what exactly is a "friction"?

A "friction" is a series centered around a theme, treated in different forms, from journalism to fiction and non fiction, by diverse authors and journalists whose points of views may diverge. Some "frictions" are specifically devoted to one story, available to read as a serialized novel or novella. You can read our stories in English, French and ideally in the language of the author.

How often do we put out a new publication?

Every month, we release a series as well as an episode from La Fabrique (The Factory). 

Who writes for Frictions ? Can I submit a story?

Experienced or aspiring journalists and authors, artists, experts, or mere enthusiasts of the world with a knack for words – our contributors’ backgrounds are as unique as the stories we publish on the website.

Moreover, we wish to develop a space for new voices that wish to tell the world beyond cultural and linguistic barriers. Why not yours?

Long reads, reports, first person essays, narrative non fiction, fiction, the array of possibilities is wide. There's only one rule: tell us a story. Get your pens ready! 

To make proposals, follow these small guidelines and send us your story at contact@frictions.co.

The team

The co-founders

Walid Hajar Rachedi

Co-Founder | Editorial Director

Ryad Maouche

Co-founder | Editor-in-chief

Walid Hajar Rachedi, director of publications and Ryad Maouche, Two brothers editor-in-chief are two brothers. The former is a novelist and seasoned professional in the digital field while the latter is a young journalist specialized in new formats. They have in common their love for the stories – real or fictional – that allow us to connect to worlds that may be far away from our’s and to acquire a better understanding from the inside of the reality of our societies. Walid and Ryad hold the strong belief that the possibilities offered by digital tools multiply the means to tell these stories and the potential audiences they may target.

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