Raconter le monde par l'intime


A story to tell? A voice that speaks to the world? 

Our wish is that Frictions contributes to the emergence of new voices whose words can cross cultural and linguistic barriers. Why not yours ?

On this page you will soon find calls for texts for our upcoming seasons.  
Send your proposals to contact[@]frictions.co. We reply to all proposals.

Here are some guidelines:

For fiction, we love stories anchored in reality that tell the intimate stories of our contemporary societies with acuity and sensitivity. If we are looking forward to publishing stories that deal with current social issues, we also appreciate those that are able to bridge the gap with episodes from the past that shed light on the state of the world today.
We encourage you to submit series between 3 and 10 episodes with an average length of 2,000 words (10,000 characters) an episode. Send your synopsis + the beginning of the first episode (500 words) to  contact[@]frictions.co.

For non-fiction we favour stories told in the first person and fed with elements of reporting. In terms of form, series whose rhythm and gripping stories have nothing to envy the best novels. We are also open to first person essay if they bear witness to an extraordinary experience that mixes intimate observations and reflections on the world around us. In all cases, we attach particular importance to the style and energy of the text.

 However, we do not publish op-eds and comments. For the time being. 

We pay contributors according to the type and length of the story proposed.