Karim Madani

Born and raised in working class Paris in the 1970's, Karim Madani has been immersed in the love of cinema, comics, jazz, soul music, funk and film soundtracks since he was a child. Freelance journalist for prestigious magazines specialized in urban cultures. (Vice, les Inrocks), he is also ghostwriter for artists, editor of bios for journalists and collaborates with labels like Universal Sony or Capitol.

2 episodes

Fiction 25 min.

Wu-Tang Secrets

Lil Louis, a film student, embarks on an amazing adventure : to make the best docuseries about the Rolling Stones of the rap world.

Long read 10 min.

In Search of the Soul of Bristol

In his bedroom as a teenager in Paris, Karim dreams of Bristol, the city of the legendary rock group Massive Attack, symbol of this rebellious spirit. But what he finds there is quite different...