Distraction, vocation, or agony, work occupies our days and our minds - even, or even especially, when it's lacking. At once what gives rhythm to our lives - even when the melody is monotonous - and the basis of our social relationships, and sometimes enriches us, work has infiltrated even our most intimate living spaces... Too busy talking about it, we forget to question work. The meaning we attribute to it, the place we give it... An anomaly repaired in this friction.

14 episodes

9 to 5 The Time Of Your Life

Long read 11 min.

Myriam, the sound of her soul

Like every morning, Myriam, 64, goes to the factory where she has been working for almost 30 years. A job where noise is constant. A painful symphony that follows the workers in their daily lives.

Non fiction 11 min.

On a never produced film by Stanley Kubrick

2001: A Space Odyssey and Eyes Wide Shut, the two Stanley Kubrick classics could never have existed without "This Virus from Space", the only film ever released by the American director.

Long read 11 min.

Senegal : Covid-19, the virus infecting the casual job sector

In Dakar, the precarious status of small shops and entrepreneurs is severely strained by the virus-induced psychosis.

First Person 10 min.

"Bullshit Jobs" : The Millenial Blues 1/2

Paul is 21, he is a recent graduate from a major business school and currently doing an internship in a consulting firm. What should be the beginning of a great carrier leads him to a disappointing end : a bullshit job.

Non fiction 9 min.

Working ourselves clean : why are we so busy ?

When my father-in-law insists on going to the office when the whole world is in lockdown, my whole vision of work is questioned.

First Person 19 min.

"Bullshit Jobs" : the Millennial blues - 2/2

The Covid-19 crisis suspended time in 2020, shedding light on the workers who are essential for society and questioning the relevance of many modern-day jobs.