Distraction, vocation, or agony, work occupies our days and our minds - even, or even especially, when it's lacking. At once what gives rhythm to our lives - even when the melody is monotonous - and the basis of our social relationships, and sometimes enriches us, work has infiltrated even our most intimate living spaces... Too busy talking about it, we forget to question work. The meaning we attribute to it, the place we give it... An anomaly repaired in this friction.

14 episodes

9 to 5 The Time Of Your Life

First Person 7 min.

Doped full time

First Person 35 min.

From the war in Syria to the protests in Paris : Itineraries of Syrian photojournalists

At the age of 17, they took their first photographs of the massacres in Syria. Abdul and Ameer grew up and learned their profession far too quickly.