A language is said to die when it stops evolving. Is it the same for a society? A country? A continent? If so, take heart: our era is alive and well! Demonstrations, uprising, collective upheavals, individual awareness, changing mores... The movement is constant, difficult to capture, and, at times, terrifying. Far from fantasies, we tell the intimate story of these upheavals.

24 episodes

After The Revolution, Now What?

Long read 9 min.

At the Roots of the Arab Spring: How Is a Revolution Told?

Ten years ago, the Arab Spring was born, sweeping many leaders with it. But who kept it alive for 10 years? And how?

Long read 11 min.

French Banlieues : Since The 2005 Uprising, 15 Years In A State Of Emergency

La mort de Zyed et Bouna a amorcé les révoltes de 2005. Trois semaines révélatrices d’un malaise profond en France. Mais depuis, qu'est-ce qui a changé ?

Long read 9 min.

The Legacy of Colonization: Black Lives Matter revives the controversy in Saint-Louis, Senegal

Deux visions de l’histoire s’affrontent dès le milieu du 19eme siècle. Saint-Louis ou Ndar, est le théâtre d’une rivalité sur la mémoire liée à la colonisation.

Long read 10 min.

Lebanon: From Spark to Implosion

September 2020, this is a year of crisis and delusions, highlighted by the explosion in Beirut, that Lebanese people went through.

Long read 8 min.

Can Mister K’s world run with feminism?

De son casque à ses lectures et sa rencontre avec des adolescentes de La Celle Saint Cloud, Eva, journaliste et autrice, nous partage une photographie subjective des questionnements féministes qui la traversent à l'heure de #Metoo.

Non fiction 14 min.

The QAnon diaries: 3 chronicles

Three stories to better understand who are the QAnon, a conspiracy movement born in 2017 and which now has millions of followers.