Identity is experienced, built, sometimes undone and may even be transmitted. The paths are numerous, complex, and far from being acquired, identity is often conquered over time. Gender, race, religion, sexual orientation... are all gripping and intimate subjects, we talk about here.

10 episodes

All Identities Combined

Long read 8 min.

Naturalization: a step on the winding road to dual identity

How can a tiny piece of paper — an identity card — have such an impact on a life, an identity?

Long read 7 min.

Palestinians in Lebanon : being and wanting to truly exist

In the spring of 2021, an 11-day war between Israel and Palestine erupted, initiating a period of anxiety and anger for the approximately 260,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. However, this conflict is also a source of hope and pride.

First Person 19 min.

Guinea, United States, France: the three lives of Abdel Camara

He was born in Guinea, studied in the United States, moved to France. Abdel is at the same time, Guinean, American, maybe soon French, and also, muslim. So he knows a lot about what it means to "be black" in this world.

Long read 8 min.

The many faces of Paris

From the depths of Yvelines to the south of the Seine-Marne, the inhabitants of Île-de-France often embody a rurban lifestyle in which a diversity of landscapes and identities abound.

Non fiction 11 min.

Chimamanda was right

4 days in Reims to explore with French high school students their representations of Africa. The experience turns out to be progressively chilling for Ysiaka.

Long read 8 min.

Not Like the Other Boys

For some, Charles has never been a guy, a “proper” guy. He has a soft voice, bursts out laughing with his hand over his mouth and bears no interest at all in soccer. Nothing dramatic, really.