Identity is experienced, built, sometimes undone and may even be transmitted. The paths are numerous, complex, and far from being acquired, identity is often conquered over time. Gender, race, religion, sexual orientation... are all gripping and intimate subjects, we talk about here.

10 episodes

All Identities Combined

Non fiction 9 min.

How Columbus ruined my birthday

Javier was born on the same day as the Mexican national holiday celebrating Christopher Columbus. An almost harmless date until statues started to be taken down.

Non fiction 21 min.


Non fiction 15 min.

The Color of Desire

Whether we met at a bar or via the soon-to-be-outdated Minitel one sentence was recurrent: “Sorry, I am not into Asians”. That's all I was to these people: “Asian” and apparently, this placed me on the bottom rung of the desirability ladder.

Long read 8 min.

Frizzy, Curly, Relaxed: Cover up that hair, which I can't endure to look on

Deborah is mixed race, she has frizzy hair. Melanie is white, her hair is curly. The two journalists mix investigation and personal testimony to understand how racism has always been, and still is today, rooted in the nature of our hair.