We often think that committing to a cause goes without saying, that it is natural, like an innate gift. The people you are about to hear from have all founded associations that support women in vulnerable situations. For some, this commitment comes after a long journey. For others, it comes after an event in their lives, a specific experience - a turning point, a revelation to oneself and others. In co-production with the L'Oréal Fund for Women, "Revealing" tells the stories of those who, every day, contribute to changing society.

6 episodes


First Person 14 min. E12

Elpida Kokkota, “a survival kit to educate yourself”

Elpida describes herself as someone who carries a “scar”, but she refuses that this traumatic experience defines her.

First Person 18 min. E11

Mary-Justine Todd, “resilience comes with the ability to regain hope”

After an inspiring encounter at the hospital, Mary-Justine launched Shamsaha to help women victims of violence in the Middle East.

First Person 18 min. E10

Joséphine Goube, “treat everyone on their merits, not where they are from”

After a stay in the UK, Joséphine Goube created Sistech to help refugee women enter the European job market.

First Person 18 min. E9

Jimena Garcia Cabello, “outside, no one talks about them”

Jimena, dedicated to fighting injustice in Mexico, helps women in prison to develop their skills and maintain family ties.

First Person 19 min. E8

 Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, “elevate young girls with education."

Ex-model, Noëlla founded Malaika, an organization in DRC to help girls become the leaders of tomorrow.

First Person 19 min. E7

Sadaffe Abid, “Investing in women is critical”

In Pakistan, Sadaffe founded Circle of Women, an association focused on empowering women through digital literacy.