*French audio*

6 episodes

Memory-City, Living-Memory

Justin wasn't born in Paris, but he feels right at home here. Blame it on the memories he's created there, perhaps?


Rising up, breaking away

When science fiction meets reality: four passengers are interviewed just before taking the plunge into the unknown, leaving for another planet. A new departure that questions their attachment to this planet. What can they expect from this great escape?


Jai Alai:The Joyful Game

Nicolas, proud of his Basque heritage, explores his identity quest through rock, meals at his abuela's, and political analysis.


Alphabet of Ch-arabia

Despite the linguistic distance between Lina and her father, who was born in Morocco, the lullaby he used to sing to her as a child in Arabic profoundly influenced her imagination and writing. It served as a foundation for crafting her own language, that of the "bastard children."


Love for Real

At the coming of age, Ivan sees his best friend drift away and makes a promise to himself: save the friendship!


The clippings

Céline finds memories of the Algerian war in her family's basement, confronting a long-concealed past.