Raconter le monde par l'intime


We often think that committing to a cause goes without saying, that it is natural, like an innate gift.

For some, this commitment comes after a long journey.
For others, it comes after an event in their lives, a specific experience - a turning point.
A revelation to oneself and others.

NGO leaders tell their stories.

Frictions – Raconter le monde par l’intime

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    Sense of belonging
    Céline finds relics of the Algerian War in her family's basement, bringing to light a long-concealed past.
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    Sense of belonging
    Alphabet of Nonsense [Charabia]
    Despite the linguistic distance between Lina and her father, who was born in Morocco, the lullaby he used to sing to her as a child in Arabic profoundly influenced her imagination and writing
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    Sense of belonging
    Memory-City, Living-Memory
    Justin wasn't born in Paris, but he feels right at home here. Blame it on the memories he's created there, perhaps?

From her earliest memories, Adèle has always seen her father busy at his desk. As he nears retirement, father and daughter take time to reflect on this life of hard work and passion.

And what if, for some people, giving meaning to their work also meant giving meaning to their entire existence?

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