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My Friend Called Anorexia

At 20 years old, Mathilde fell victim to anorexia nervosa. As she puts it today, she "was on the brink of death".

The purpose of this series is to investigate the reality of the illness, through Mathilde’s story, fragments of the diaries she kept while in hospital, as well as interviews with specialists.

Far from clichés, each episode aims to answer these questions: How does one fall into the vicious cycle that is anorexia nervosa? And how can one break free from it?

Fictions - Global stories, local voices

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  • Mini-série | Podcast
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    Nostalgia for the Future
    Ep 2/3 – Run, Iza, Run
    Stuck in traffic, Iza is losing all hope of making it in time for her exam. But for Edilson, who's taking her, giving up is out of question!
  • Fiction
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    Stay Away if You Love Me
    April fool
    Karen has already defeated diseases ! So it's not a small Chinese virus that will scare her. Especially when your President is the strong Donald Trump.
  • Fiction | mini series | podcast
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    Ep. 2/3 - Yaya
    This morning, Yaya read this news. First without really believing it, then by allowing oneself to think that, yes, existence could bring good news.

Authors from all over the world take us into the backstage of their creative processoffering an insight on their creative process and on how the major political and cultural issues of our time have an influence on the stories they want to tell. For our first episode, we were honored to welcome Jennifer Murzeau. She published her fifth book in March, Le cœur et le chaos (“The Heart and the chaos”) 

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