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The unbearable lightness of working

Working is supposed to be healthy. What happens when it ends up wrecking one’s health? Work is a notion that encompasses multiple realities, from bullshit jobs to factory work or vocations.

A journey through drugs, a digital detox, and a surrealistic entrepreneurial odyssey! Embark to the flow of the Seine and its boatmen who sail it when we are not looking, discover our third season of our series on work.

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Un podcast à retrouver en entier sur Frictions https://frictions.co/linsoutenable-legerete-du-labeur-s3/dopes-a-temps-plein/ et sur vos plateformes préférées. Ici on entend le journaliste @GLeguilcher raconter le travail à l'abattoir. ... Il a aussi rapporté son immersion dans un ouvrage, 'Steak Machine', paru en 2017.