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All identities combined

Identity is experienced, built, sometimes undone and may even be transmitted.

The paths are numerous, complex, and far from being acquired, identity is often conquered over time.

Genre, race, religion, orientation sexuelle ... Autant de sujets, intimes et passionnants, qu'on tente de vous raconter.

Fictions - Global stories, local voices

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Authors from all over the world take us behind the scenes of their creative process, providing an insight on the making of their work, and on how the major political and cultural issues of our time have an influence on the stories they want to tell.

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Personal stories and essays, long reads, investigations and fictions told from a singular perspective. Thematic series and fiction serials, by authors and journalists from all around the world.

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💪 La liste des cases à cocher pour devenir un mec, un vrai, est longue. Un autre modèle est-il possible pour tous ceux qui ne s'y reconnaissent pas ? ✒ Un reportage de Charles Cohen à (re)lire sur ... https://frictions.co/toutes-identites-confondues-s3/tu-seras-viril-mon-fils/