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All identities combined

Identity is experienced, built, sometimes undone and may even be transmitted.

In this season, it is precisely the filiation that we explore: what parents pass on to their children, and, often, what they do not pass on.

Fictions - Global stories, local voices

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  • Nous étions marriés
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    Love Better S3
    We Were Married
    In a coffee shop, a divorced couple meets again. The opportunity to redo the history of this failed marriage while waiting. But while waiting for what?
  • Non fiction | Mini series
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    Now Dare to Call Me Crazy
    Ep. 3/3 - Is God still Brazilian?
    I've always believed in God, but seeing my city turned into a location for zombie movies made me feel like we were alone on this planet.
  • homme en chemise assis
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    From the Block to the World
    The Role of his Life
    It’s a big day for Mathilde, a young journalist doing an internship. She is about to meet and interview rising film star, Elias Seidah in the train on their way to Brussels.

C'est l'histoire d’une mère et d’un fils qui ne parlent pas la même langue et peinent à communiquer. Elle est née au Cambodge et lui, en France. Un dialogue compliqué qu'il tente de nouer jusqu’à ce qu’elle tombe gravement malade.

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