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  • [FICTION] Epidemics - Prologue

  • [FICTION] Epidemics - Ep. #1 - Wolfgang

    1987. Wolfgang was born in Munich, München. This is where he grew up. In a…

  • [FICTION] Epidemics - Ep. #2 - Yaya

    This morning, Yaya read this news. First without really believing it, then by allowing oneself…

  • [FICTION] Epidemics - Ep. #3 - El Hadj Hadji

    1st January 2020. Paris. Between two deliveries, Hadji tries to reach his buddy Yaya, the…

Race is the darkest fiction

  • The Color of Desire

    "But my looks weren't the only reason I was rejected. Whether we met at a…

Stay away if you love me

  • Quarantine is a pisces’ dream

    I've been locked down from my loved ones for a long time. Always somewhere else,…

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