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La fabrique

They are writers, film-makers, musicians… and writing is at the core of their work!

Authors from all over the world take us behind the scenes of their creative process, providing an insight on the making of their work, and on how the major political and cultural issues of our time have an influence on the stories they want to tell.

Welcome to La Fabrique (The Factory), a podcast produced by Frictions!

A program hosted by Walid Rachedi, writer and publishing director of Frictions.
Production: Ryad Maouche and Maylis Saleh.

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Episode 6 : Marc Cheb Sun, author

Cover La Fabrique Marc Cheb Sun

La Fabrique received Marc Cheb Sun, author of the novel Et je veux le monde (éditions JC Lattès, 2020, Le Live de Poche, 2021) and founder of the magazines D'ailleurs et d'Ici.

In this episode, Marc Cheb Sun tells us about his career path, which led him from committed journalism to writing novels and the primordial place of the imagination, a word that often comes back to his mind.
He then talks about the importance of multiple narratives, an idea that he puts into practice in the design of The history of slavery and the slave trade; 10 new approaches (Librio), a collaborative work for educational purposes.

Finally, he passionately explains the place of music, and of sound more generally, in his writing, while his novel Et je veux le monde is often described as an urban opera.

Episode 5 : Charlotte Bienaimé, podcaster

Illustration La Fabrique Charlotte Bienaimé

Journalist, author and producer Charlotte Bienaimé was in La Fabrique! The producer of the radio broadcast “Nasawiyat” on France Culture and author of the book Féministes du monde arabe [“Feminists of the Arab World”] (published by Les Arennes) is most well known for creatingUn podcast à soi [“A Podcast of One’s Own”], one of the greatest podcast successes in France, produced by Arte Radio.

In this episode, Charlotte Bienaimé takes us behind the scenes of the creation ofUn podcast à soi, the documentary series produced by Arte Radio, in which she breaks down societal debates through the lens of gender, class and race, interrogating those concerned by the issues. Doing so, she also proves there is not one but a multitude of feminisms.

Episode 4 : Denis Gombert, novelist and editor

La Fabrique received Denis Gombert, author of four novels and director of the manuscripts department for the publishing group Robert Laffont during 15 years.

In this episode he speaks about his first novel, which he wrote with his brother, he shares his long experience as an editor and unveils who are all the actors involved in the production of a book, from its writing process to its publication.

An invitation behind the scenes of a publishing house as the autumn literary season unfolds.

Episode 3: Minh Tran Huy, novelist

In our third episode, we had a chat with Minh Tran Huy , author of novels La Princesse et le Pêcheur, La Double Vie d'Ana Song and Voyageur malgré lui.

In this episode, she talks about her latest novel Les Inconsolés published by Actes Sud: all at the same time a love story, a thriller and a social novel.

We spoke about fairytales (both Western and Vietnamese) and how they've influenced her work; the borders that set the limits between genres, classes and cultures; and the importance of her dual identity in her creative process.

Episode 2 : Hamid Hlioua, screenwriter and showrunner

This week in The Factory, we had the pleasure of welcoming Hamid Hlioua, a screenwriter currently working for Netflix.

You might not know his name but you've probably already heard about one of his shows. In 2016, he worked with Arte on Cannabis, in 2020 he wrote an episode of The Eddy – a Netflix series partly directed by Damien Chazelle and Houda Benyamina – and Braqueurs, a series based on the film which he wrote for Netflix, is coming out soon on the platform.

[FRENCH ONLY] Episode 1 : Jennifer Murzeau, novelist and journalist

For our first episode, we are honored to welcome Jennifer Murzeau. She published her fifth book in March Le cœur et le chaos (“The Heart and the chaos”) published by Julliard, a mosaic novel set in an atmosphere of social collapse. “Appalled but not resigned,” Jennifer Murzeau is a committed woman. In la Fabrique, she explores her relationship to writing, from journalism to novels and narratives. 

Behind the microphone, you will find Walid Rachedi, co-fonder of Frictions, novelist and scriptwriter, and novelist Clarisse Gorokhoff, who hosts writing workshops and helps authors through the writing of their work.

The transcript of the interview is available here